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SouthWest Diversified is led by highly qualified and certified hood cleaning technicians specializing in identifying hidden areas with grease vapors in your exhaust systems. We use the safest and most advanced techniques to remove all the grease-laden vapors to minimize the risk of kitchen fires breaking out. We use time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technologies to ensure your kitchen exhaust remains completely clean and free from grease stains. If you’re in charge of a commercial kitchen, please contact us for a routine exhaust system inspection.


The Importance of Regular Kitchen Hood Cleaning

All property owners should be aware of the condition of their hood systems. This is especially true for restaurants and other businesses with commercial kitchens. Over time, accumulated grease from cooking travels through the kitchen’s exhaust hood and vent hood filters into the duct work leading to the exhaust fan on the roof. Since kitchen grease is extremely flammable, it can catch on fire with a single stray spark, which can damage your kitchen and even spread to other parts of your home or business within seconds.

According to section 11.3 of the NFPA 96 Guidelines (Fire Code), your business should opt for exhaust system inspection annually (low volume cooking operations), semi-annual (moderate-volume cooking operations), quarterly (high volume cooking operations), or months (solid fuel cooking operations). Furthermore, section 11.4.1 of the NFPA 96 Guidelines states that upon inspection, if found to be contaminated with grease-laden vapors, your kitchen’s entire exhaust system should be “cleaned by a properly trained, qualified, and certified company or person.”

Why Choose SouthWest Diversified?

Most kitchen hood cleaners only clean the areas that you can visually see, often neglecting or ignoring deeper components out of plain sight. However, regions out of plain sight also get loaded and clogged with grease and oil components that can lead to kitchen fires in your hood system. That’s why you must look for professional, certified restaurant hood cleaners who can thoroughly clean every component of your exhaust system, even if they’re not visible externally.

SouthWest Diversified is led by trained and certified technicians who thoroughly inspect and clean the visible and non-visible components of your exhaust system. We ensure your restaurant kitchen exhaust system is in compliance with local and national regulations, and we use specialized technologies to remove all grease and oil residue without leaving a trace. Our team members are officially accredited and certified, and they follow the most rigorous standards and protocols to deliver higher quality services.

Clients throughout the Greater Phoenix area in Arizona and the Greater Los Angeles area in California can rely on SouthWest Diversified for optimal kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services. We proudly service kitchens from California, Arizona, and clients with multiple locations around the country. We have fleets of trucks located just minutes from most of our customers in these locations. Furthermore, we maintain all certifications to perform hood cleaning services in California and Arizona, so you can rest assured your kitchens are being treated by state-approved technicians.

We are the #1 choice for exhaust fan and hood cleaning services and inspections in Greater Phoenix and Greater Los Angeles. We ensure the job is done right the first time and every time.

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