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Grease Duct Cleaning

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Maintaining a spotless kitchen goes a long way toward attracting and keeping a loyal customer base. If you’re running a commercial kitchen, you probably already know how grease has a tendency to vaporize and linger in the air. When food is cooking, grease will vaporize and work its way into your exhaust system. Some of it will remain there, building up in the vent filters and ducts.

Eventually, this grease buildup can partially obstruct the hood system, leading to impaired function. In turn, this can cause damage to the system and possible workplace hazards. As a result, grease duct cleaning in Los Angeles is vital in maintaining clean air inside of your kitchen so that both ventilation and hygiene are optimal.

The Importance of Grease Duct Cleaning

Commercial kitchens typically have exhaust systems with a built-in grease duct. The way that it works is that grease vapors are drawn into the system by the exhaust fan.These vapors are removed from your building by the grease ducts. However, it is natural for some of this grease to cool and condense as it is passing through the system, leading to a buildup over time.

Grease is very flammable, so this accumulation can become dangerous, increasing the risk of a kitchen fire that can spread throughout your entire building within seconds. This is one reason why it is so important that you have your grease ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Regular Maintenance

Since grease ducts are one component of your restaurant’s passive protection system, their construction and maintenance are carefully regulated. Your local and national fire codes and safety regulations require that you regularly maintain your grease ducts. In Los Angeles, fire inspections mean that you must provide evidence that your grease ducts have been cleaned..

Commercial kitchens in Los Angeles are under the authority of the NFPA 96 Fire Code, as well as the California Mechanical Code. These regulations state that grease ducts, hoods, and other related components must be cleaned before accumulations of “oily sludge” or “grease” heavily contaminate these surfaces.

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Professional Grease Duct Cleaning Services

Your SouthWest Diversified provider is a highly skilled and trained team of professionals who are certified in NFPA 96 regulations. They can offer you peace of mind by thoroughly and comprehensively inspecting your grease ducts and exhaust systems. They will ensure that your restaurant meets all local and national fire and safety codes, allowing your restaurant to remain a safe enterprise.

You will be provided with a detailed, comprehensive report by your SouthWest Diversified provider, which includes an overview of all problems and deficiencies, as well as their solutions. You will also be given an estimate for the entire project. Contact them today to ensure optimal safety and hygiene standards so that your kitchen remains in compliance with both local and national regulations.

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SouthWest Diversified is the leading group of professionals specializing in grease duct cleaning. If it’s been a few months since your last inspection and grease duct cleaning, please call us today.

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