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Exhaust Fan Cleaning
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SouthWest Diversified offers top-notch exhaust fan cleaning in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Working in a kitchen can be extremely satisfying, but it can also be strenuous and exhausting without proper ventilation. All commercial kitchens must have a functional exhaust system to ensure safe and optimal working conditions for the staff. The kitchen exhaust fan is essentially the heart of your kitchen’s exhaust hood system.

If the exhaust fan isn’t functioning at the optimal capacity because of grease buildup, clogged fan blades, or weak motors, the entire kitchen can suffer or suffocate. In some cases, a non-working exhaust fan can also make your entire restaurant feel hot, smoky, and unbearable. As such, regular kitchen fan cleaning is essential.

Consequences of a Dirty Exhaust Fan

We have highlighted the primary consequences of dirty exhaust fans above, but these are only some of the most common problems. Working in a kitchen at home without a functional exhaust can be bearable because the individual doesn’t have to spend too long in the kitchen, and the volume of cooking isn’t high. However, a dirty/ greasy exhaust fan within a commercial kitchen can be unbearable.

Below, we highlight some of the primary consequences of dirty exhaust fans in commercial kitchens and why we recommend our exhaust fan cleaning in Phoenix:

  • A dirty or grease-laden exhaust fan prevents proper air circulation and ventilation.
  • Without proper ventilation, your kitchen may develop a massive odor and sanitation problem.
  • Without proper ventilation, mold may start growing within your kitchen.
  • Lack of ventilation can lead to hazardous working conditions for the kitchen staff.
  • The HVAC system may go on overdrive, leading to higher HVAC costs in the long run.
  • Negative air pressure within the restaurant due to insufficient ventilation leads to increased humidity. This can lead to water particles on the floor and hazardous working conditions.
functioning kitchen after exhaust fan cleaning in phoenix

Our Inspection Process

SouthWest Diversified follows a thorough and comprehensive inspection process. Our certified inspectors will take detailed photographs of your exhaust system for a thorough inspection. We draft a report with our findings, an overview of the scope of work, possible deficiencies and their solutions, and the estimate for the entire project. We restore your kitchen’s optimal ventilation and ensure your compliance with state and national regulations.

Contact Us Today

SouthWest Diversified is the leading kitchen hood inspection and cleaning company in the Greater Phoenix and Greater Los Angeles areas, led by a team of highly-trained and certified technicians. We perform thorough inspections of your exhaust system and use cutting-edge foaming technologies to ensure optimal, deep cleaning. If you’ve noticed signs of a failing exhaust fan or need a routine inspection, please call us today, to find out more about our exhaust fan cleaning in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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