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SouthWest Diversified provides professional exhaust fan repair, Phoenix and Los Angeles businesses can rely on. Whether you’re running a small or large commercial kitchen, the value of a functional and powerful exhaust fan can’t be underestimated. Maintaining a clean and functional exhaust system is essential for all businesses. A non-working exhaust fan can lead to hazardous working conditions, lead to breathing problems, and cause significant hygiene issues in your restaurant and food. As such, all businesses with commercial kitchens should opt for regular inspections and repair potential damages at the earliest sign of trouble.

The Importance of Exhaust Fan Repairs:

  • Grease-laden vapors and oil deposits in the exhaust fan can lead to kitchen fires.
  • Damaged or weak motors can shut off automatically.
  • Worn-out fan belts can reduce airflow in the kitchen, leading to smoke in the restaurant.
  • Damaged or worn bearings on the exhaust fan can lead to excessive noise in the hood.
  • Lack of ventilation can lead to sanitation and odor problems.
  • Lack of ventilation can lead to the growth of mold within your kitchen.
  • Damaged or non-working exhaust fans can cause life-threatening problems for the kitchen staff, such as asphyxiation. A functional exhaust fan, and Phoenix exhaust fan repair, is essential for worker safety.
  • Functional exhaust fans also increase HVAC efficiency. If your exhaust fan is damaged, your HVAC system may go on overdrive, thereby increasing your monthly HVAC costs.
  • Improper ventilation affects the quality of food in your kitchen because of lingering air pollutants. As such, if you don’t fix your exhaust fans quickly, you may soon lose business.
well functioning kitchen exhaust after exhaust fan repair in phoenix

Signs You Need an Exhaust Fan Inspection:

  • It has increasingly become extremely hot in your kitchen.
  • The grease pads have become extremely dirty.
  • Your exhaust fans are making noise.
  • The humidity within your kitchen has increased significantly.
  • Your electricity bill has been rising because of higher HVAC costs.
  • Your exhaust system hasn’t been inspected in a few months.

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SouthWest Diversified provides fast, thorough, and comprehensive exhaust fan repair services to kitchens of all sizes, from those belonging to small restaurants to large commercial cooking facilities. Our certified inspectors and technicians are available at all times, and we can reach your site for an inspection within 24 hours. Whether you’re dealing with broken bearings and blower wheels or worn-out belts, we identify and address the issue promptly. If you’re noticing signs of exhaust fan damage or need a routine inspection, please call us to schedule your exhaust fan repair in Phoenix and Los Angeles, today.