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SouthWest Diversified provides professional exhaust system service Phoenix and Los Angeles businesses can rely on. The exhaust system is one of the most essential safety and hygiene components of your kitchen. Whether you have a small or large commercial kitchen, you need to opt for regular exhaust system servicing to remain compliant with national regulations and maintain your kitchen’s hygiene standards. A grease-laden, dirty, damaged, or non-working exhaust system can lead to ventilation problems, health problems, and hazardous working conditions. Ignoring your exhaust system can negatively affect your workers, customers, and business.

fully functioning kitchen exhaust after exhaust system service in phoenix

Why You Need Regular Exhaust System Service:

  • Grease-laden or dirty exhaust fans can lead to kitchen fires.
  • Damaged exhaust fans can shut off at intervals, leading to poor ventilation.
  • Damaged fan belts can reduce air circulation within the kitchen.
  • Worn-out or damaged exhaust components can lead to noise, smoke, and fires.
  • Improper ventilation can lead to odor, sanitation problems, mold, and health hazards.
  • Extended periods of inadequate ventilation can lead to asphyxiation.
  • Improper ventilation negatively affects food quality, thus driving away business.
  • Your HVAC system may go on overdrive, thus increasing your monthly electricity bills.
  • Increased humidity due to negative air pressure can lead to slippery floors and a higher risk of workplace injuries.

The Frequency of Exhaust System Servicing

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 Guidelines (Fire Code), all businesses with commercial kitchens should opt for regular exhaust system inspections at regular intervals. The frequency of the proposed inspection is based on the kitchen’s size and utility. Our certified inspectors examine your exhaust system to ensure your compliance with local and national regulations, and give you the best kitchen exhaust service in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The following is the proposed frequency of exhaust system inspections for businesses of different sizes, according to section 11.3 of the NFPA 96 Guidelines:

  • Monthly: systems serving solid fuel cooking operations.
  • Quarterly: systems serving high-volume operations, such as 24-hour cooking.
  • Semi-Annually: systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations.
  • Annually: systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as day camps.

Comprehensive & Thorough Inspection

SouthWest Diversified performs a comprehensive and thorough inspection of your exhaust system in the Greater Phoenix or Greater Los Angeles areas. Our certified inspectors take photographs of the exhaust systems and draft a report, which includes details of our findings, an estimate of the scope of work, an overview of the problems and their solutions, and other recommendations. After providing an overview of the report, we use cutting-edge technologies and time-tested techniques to clean your exhaust systems.

kitchen after exhaust system service in phoenix
commercial cook station after exhaust system service in phoenix

Meticulous Cleaning
with Foaming Technology

We use a special foaming technology to ensure optimal cleanliness while servicing your exhaust system. The foaming technology is a cutting-edge, innovative, and biodegradable means of removing and dislodging all the grease and oil residue from your exhaust fans. The process involves using foaming cleansers that can cut through even the most stubborn oil deposits and grease, getting down to the bare metal. We ensure quality and thorough cleaning with no shortcuts.

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SouthWest Diversified is one of the leading companies for restaurant hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust servicing in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Our highly-trained and certified inspectors and professionals can reach your business within 24 hours to restore your kitchen’s optimal ventilation capacity. If you want routine cleaning, please contact us today.

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