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Regular exhaust hood cleaning and maintenance are essential for all commercial kitchens, big and small. Without regular maintenance, grease and oils can accumulate in exhaust hoods, increasing the risk of kitchen fires, health hazards, improper ventilation, breathing problems, and other problems that can negatively affect your business and increase the expenses of your operation. Regular hood cleaning is mandatory for all commercial kitchens and neglecting it puts you at risk of health code or fire code violations. As such, you must contact professional kitchen hood cleaners for a thorough inspection and commercial hood cleaning in Phoenix.

The Consequences of Grease Buildup in Hoods

Fire Hazard

Grease buildup in exhaust hoods significantly increases fire hazards. The oil residue on the lids of your cooking utensils vaporize due to high temperatures, turn into airborne particles, and lead to grease accumulation in your kitchen. Over time, the grease-laden vapors are sucked into the exhaust system, where they accumulate on the surface of the exhaust hood. The continued accumulation of grease, oil residue, and smoke eventually increases the risk of a kitchen fire, which can be triggered even by a small spark since grease is highly flammable.

Unsanitary Food

When your exhaust hood is backed up with grease and oils, the stale smell of food permeates your entire kitchen. The smell of kitchen grease itself is pretty hard to shake. And when that’s coupled with insufficient ventilation (caused by an unclean hood), you have the perfect recipe for an unsanitary kitchen. It can lead to body odors and the smell of stale food lingering on the fresh food being prepared. Not only does that violate health codes, but it’s the quickest way to lose business. This can easily be handled with our commercial hood cleaning in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Workplace Hazards

Grease buildup in the exhaust hood can risk the safety of your employees and kitchen staff. Improper ventilation can lead to a suffocating and smoky environment within the kitchen, leading to an increased risk of asphyxiation and respiratory problems. Furthermore, negative air pressure created by a clogged exhaust hood increases humidity, leading to water particles on the floor. As such, someone in your kitchen staff may slip and fall, endangering themselves and others around them.

Higher Expenses

When your exhaust doesn’t work properly because of a clogged hood, your HVAC has to work extra hard to regulate your kitchen temperature, increasing your electricity bills. Furthermore, if there’s a kitchen fire or other forms of damages, you may have to spend considerable amounts to resolve those issues. As such, leading your hood backed up can increase your operational costs in the long run.

clean kitchen after commercial hood cleaning in phoenix and los angeles

Call Us for Professional
Hood Cleaning

SouthWest Diversified is led by a team of highly skilled, trained, and certified professionals. We perform a comprehensive and thorough inspection of your exhaust system without cutting corners. Our certified inspectors take photographs of the exhaust and hood and draft a report, which includes an overview of the problems and solutions, the complete scope of work, and an estimate.

We use cutting-edge technologies, such as unique foaming technology to break down heavy grease and oil particles. We use innovative and biodegradable techniques to clean all the visible and invisible grease particles from your exhaust system. If you notice signs of a dirty or clogged hood or need a routine inspection, please contact us today, and find why we’re the best in commercial hood cleaning in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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