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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
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The kitchen exhaust system is one of the most essential safety components in your restaurant. Without a functional kitchen exhaust system, your entire workforce and business can be endangered. Over time, grease-laden vapors can accumulate in the walls of your ducts, fans, vents, and hood, leading to improper ventilation, workplace hazards, and fire hazards. Kitchen exhaust cleaning in Phoenix involves removing all the grease and oil residue from the exhaust systems to restore optimal ventilation and hygienic conditions.

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The Importance of Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

  • Dirty exhaust systems with grease particles and oil residue can lead to kitchen fires.
  • Clogged exhaust systems can’t circulate the air, leading to improper ventilation.
  • Improper ventilation leads to health hazards, odors, mold, and suffocation.
  • Improper ventilation increases the risk of asphyxiation and respiratory problems for the staff.
  • The scent of grease buildup, oils, and slurry can affect the food quality.
  • Negative air pressure leads to increased humidity, which can lead to slippery floors.
  • The HVAC system may go on overdrive, increasing your operational costs.

The Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Process

When you contact SouthWest Diversified, our process for kitchen exhaust cleaning in Phoenix starts with a thorough inspection. Our inspectors take detailed photographs of your exhaust system to produce a comprehensive report, which includes our detailed findings, the complete scope of work, an overview of the identified problems in the ducts, filters, vents, and other components, and the appropriate solutions to those problems. We also provide an estimate for the entire project. We perform a thorough inspection, leaving no stone unturned.

During the inspection and cleaning process, all kitchen appliances and gas valves are turned off for safety. We use numerous time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technologies to clean different components of the exhaust system. We may use chemicals to break down the grease and hot water to wash away the residue. We also use innovative and biodegradable foaming technology, which allows us to cut through heavy grease and sludge with optimal efficiency.

In extreme situations where the grease or sludge is too heavy, we may use scrapers and other manual tools to remove all the buildup. This is generally done before using chemicals or foaming technology. We will determine if scraping is necessary before applying chemicals during the pre-cleaning inspection. After properly cleaning the kitchen exhaust system, our experts will perform tests to ensure the system is working at optimal capacity.

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SouthWest Diversified is one of the leading companies for kitchen exhaust cleaning services in the Greater Phoenix and Greater Los Angeles areas. Our team is led by NFPA 96-certified professionals with decades of experience with cleaning and fixing exhaust systems. We perform a thorough job to remove all grease and oil buildup. If it’s been a few months since your last kitchen exhaust cleaning in Phoenix or Los Angeles, please call us today for an inspection.

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