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Kitchen Hood Cleaning
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All businesses with commercial kitchens, such as schools, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals, need regular kitchen hood cleaning. If your kitchen prepares meals for a large volume of people regularly, you need monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual kitchen hood cleaning in Phoenix and Los Angeles services to remain compliant with federal and local regulations. Ignoring the condition of your hood and exhaust system can increase the risk of kitchen fires, and improper ventilation can lead to adverse workplace conditions. Our NFPA 96-certified professionals carefully inspect your kitchen hood and use the latest technologies to remove all grease and oil particles.

Why You Need Regular Kitchen Hood Cleaning

To remain compliant with federal and local regulations

If you own or run a commercial kitchen, federal and local laws mandate that you undergo regular kitchen exhaust servicing and hood cleaning. The frequency of the cleanings depends on the size of your business. Ignoring these regulations can lead to health or fire code violations that can lead to your business being shut down.

To improve your kitchen’s airflow and ventilation

You need a functional and clean exhaust system with a clear hood because it removes the grease particles and ensures optimal air circulation. Furthermore, the kitchen hood also prevents odors from lingering, and your kitchen remains cool. If your hood is clogged with grease particles, your kitchen may become hot, smokey, and malodorous. Call us at SouthWest Diversified for the best kitchen hood cleaning Phoenix and Los Angeles has to offer.

To minimize the risk of kitchen fires

The exhaust system draws the grease-laden vapors from the kitchen environment. These vapors eventually cool and condense on the hood. As we’re all aware, kitchen grease is highly flammable. As such, if your kitchen hood is clogged with oil residue and grease, a small spark can trigger a kitchen fire that spreads to other parts of the building.

To ensure optimal workplace safety

Improper ventilation caused by a clogged or grease-laden hood system leads to a hazardous workplace. The lack of proper ventilation can cause asphyxiation and respiratory problems. Furthermore, negative air pressure increases humidity, leading to water molecules on the floor, increasing the risk of workplace accidents.

spotless commercial kitchen after kitchen hood cleaning in phoenix

Our Comprehensive Kitchen Hood Cleaning Process

  • Our certified professionals examine your kitchen hood system and take photographs.
  • We compile a report with our findings, an overview of the work, and the projected estimate.
  • The exhaust system and the kitchen appliances are turned off for safety.
  • If there’s heavy grease, we use scraping tools to manually dislodge the sludge and grease.
  • We spray chemicals to break down the grease and oil residue.
  • We use a biodegradable foaming technique to further cut away the grease.
  • Hot water is used to wash away the grease particles.
  • We run tests to ensure no grease particles and oil residue are left behind.

Call Us Today

SouthWest Diversified is the leading company for kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning services in the Greater Phoenix and Greater Los Angeles areas. Our NFPA 96-certified professionals carefully examine your kitchen exhaust systems, including the hood, to compile a thorough report. They use the latest technologies to cut through the grease and sludge, removing every trace of grease particles and oil residue. We ensure your business is compliant with all federal and local health and fire codes. If it’s been a few months since your last kitchen hood cleaning in Phoenix or Los Angeles, please call us today!

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