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With our restaurant flue cleaning, Phoenix and Los Angeles businesses can be sure of the safety of their kitchens. All commercial kitchens must have a functional and powerful exhaust system, also known as a flue. The flue is responsible for drawing all the gas, smoke particles, grease-laden vapors, oil residue, and airborne food particles from the kitchen, ensuring you maintain healthy and sanitary working conditions. But have you ever wondered what happens to all the grease, gas, and smoke once it’s pulled into the flue? Have you ever been inside a flue? If you have, you probably understand why regular restaurant flue cleaning is necessary.

clean cooking area after restaurant flue cleaning in phoenix

You Need Restaurant Flue Cleaning If:

  • Your kitchen is smoky
  • The atmosphere in your kitchen feels heavy
  • Your kitchen is becoming increasingly hotter
  • Your kitchen flue system is making noise
  • There isn’t sufficient air circulation in your kitchen
  • Your restaurant flue doesn’t seem to be sucking air
  • The door to your kitchen automatically blows open
  • It has been months since your last restaurant flue cleaning

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs and problems, there’s a strong chance you need restaurant flue cleaning in Phoenix or Los Angeles. If you ever take a peek inside the flue system, you’ll understand the importance of flue cleaning. The grease-laden vapors, oil residue, and airborne food particles are sucked into the exhaust system, where they eventually condense and congeal into a sludge. Over time, a dirty flue can prevent optimal air circulation, increase the risk of kitchen fires, and create unsanitary working conditions.

Regular Flue Cleaning Saves Expenses & Downtime

When your restaurant flue is new, you won’t notice any problems if you don’t opt for flue cleaning for a few months. However, over time, grease, sludge, and oil residue will continue accumulating in your flue, coating all the components of your exhaust system, such as the fans, motors, filters, hood, and fan belts. These components may eventually become damaged, leading to improper ventilation and unsanitary conditions in your kitchen.

You won’t initially notice that something is wrong. However, the working condition within your kitchen will gradually deteriorate. The temperature will rise higher because of improper ventilation. Some of your kitchen staff may experience breathing issues. The negative air pressure within your kitchen may increase humidity, leading to slippery floors. Furthermore, your exhaust system won’t filter the grease and oil properly anymore, leading to unsanitary odors in your kitchen, which, in turn, will affect your food quality.

The following are some of the possible consequences of an unserviced restaurant flue:

  • Higher electricity bills because your HVAC system works extra hard
  • Breathing problems and possible asphyxiation for your kitchen staff
  • Increased risk of workplace injuries due to slippery floors
  • Loss of revenue because of deteriorating food quality
  • Higher cost of exhaust system repairs down the line
  • Downtime because of a damaged exhaust system
  • Health and fire code violations, leading to the business being shut down

Call Us for Restaurant Flue Cleaning

SouthWest Diversified is one of the leading companies for restaurant flue cleaning and servicing in the Greater Phoenix and Greater Los Angeles areas. Our team is led by NFPA 96-certified professionals who conduct a thorough inspection of your exhaust system to draft a detailed report. We use time-tested techniques and the latest foaming technologies to break down the grease and oil residue from your flue system. If you notice the signs and symptoms of a dirty or damaged flue system, we can help with our restaurant flue cleaning in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Please call us today!

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