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No matter the size of your commercial kitchen, routine exhaust hood maintenance and cleaning is absolutely essential. Without this periodic maintenance, oil and grease can build up in exhaust hoods, leading to the possibility of health hazards, breathing problems, improper ventilation, and kitchen fires that can have a negative impact upon your business and reputation.

If you do not have your exhaust hood cleaned regularly, you are putting yourself at risk of violating fire and health codes. To maintain the safety of your customers and employees, and ensure that you remain in compliance with all local codes, you should regularly schedule professional restaurant hood cleaning in Los Angeles.

Hood Grease Buildup: Consequences

It’s hard to overstate the negative impact of grease accumulations in your exhaust hood. Here are a few of the consequences of failing to keep your exhaust hood clean:

Fire Hazard

When your cooks are cooking your food, grease vapors will constantly be drawn into the exhaust system. While most of this material will make its way out of the building through the exhaust, some of it remains behind and accumulates within the system. Since grease is flammable, this significantly increases the risk of having a kitchen fire that can be triggered by the smallest spark.

Unsanitary Food

When your exhaust hood is partially obstructed with accumulations of grease and oil, this stale odor will filter throughout your entire kitchen. Over time, this vaporized kitchen grease will seep into any absorbent material within your kitchen and dining area, leading to a permanently “off smell” that can be detected by your customers.

Workplace Hazards

Accumulations of grease in your exhaust hood can place your employees’ safety at risk. And improper hood ventilation can cause smoke to backup within your kitchen, presenting a real health concern for your employees. Respiratory problems are common among those forced to work in a smoky environment.

In addition, the negative air pressure caused by obstructed hoods increases humidity in your kitchen, leading to wet floors that make workplace accidents more likely.

Higher Costs

Delaying regular hood and kitchen exhaust cleaning in Orange County may save you money in the short-term, but it will cost you in the long run. When your exhaust system is partially obstructed, your HVAC will strain to keep your kitchen temperature regulated, increasing your electric bills. And if a kitchen fires should break out, your kitchen and restaurant may experience catastrophic damage. Simple hood cleaning can prevent these unnecessary headaches.

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The Bottom Line

Without scheduling regular, professional hood cleaning, you are risking the health of your employees and customers and raising the possibility that your restaurant could be closed due to health or fire code violations. Your SouthWest Diversified provider is ready to offer a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your entire exhaust system so that you can maintain the health of your customers and employees and keep your restaurant open.

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