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Grease Containment Systems
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We provide reliable grease containment systems Phoenix and Los Angeles kitchens depend on. Over 80% of businesses with commercial kitchens suffer from roof deterioration due to grease contamination and exhaust fan discharge. The grease-laden vapors and oil residue released from rooftop exhaust fans can adversely affect the roof’s membrane, leading to a loss of stability and structure. Grease contamination also increases the risk of kitchen fires, health code violations, and possible EPA violations, all of which can significantly affect your business. Grease containment systems are necessary to protect your business, remain compliant with health and fire codes, and reduce liabilities.

The Consequences of Grease Contamination

Fire Hazards

Grease from cooking eventually travels through the kitchen’s exhaust fans and vent hood filters into the exhaust fan on the roof. As we’re all aware, grease and oil residue from the kitchen are extremely flammable. As such, even a stray spark can cause kitchen fires that can spread, via the exhaust system, to the roof and other parts of your business.

Roof Damages

Most business owners understand that maintaining a roof involves minimizing their exposure to all elements other than normal environmental conditions. Grease and oil vapors released from exhaust fans can affect the roof membrane, increasing the risk of damages. Without proper grease containment, you may need early replacement.

Health Code Violations

According to section 11.4.1 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 Guidelines (Fire Code), all businesses with exhaust systems contaminated by grease-laden vapors need to have their exhaust systems cleaned by certified professionals. As such, grease contamination can also lead to building, health code, and fire code violations.

kitchen with grease containment system in phoenix

Grease Containment
Systems for Prevention

Grease containment systems are the ideal means of preventing grease contamination in your kitchen and roof. No kitchen hood is complete without a fully-functional, dynamic, and appropriate grease containment system. Furthermore, each grease containment system must be installed and selected according to your business’s particular requirements and location. Please contact the professionals at SouthWest Diversified for a thorough inspection — we’ll determine your ideal type of grease containment system in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Types of Grease
Containment Systems:

  • Catch pan and collection buckets
  • Grease gutters
  • Grease boxes
  • Grease guards
  • Roof guardian pad systems
  • 360-degree grease containment systems
kitchen with grease containment system in phoenix
grease containment system in phoenix

Our Comprehensive
Inspection Process

You can trust our NFPA 96–certified professionals and inspectors to perform a thorough evaluation of your restaurant and kitchen hood system. While grease containment systems are supposed to prevent grease contamination, they also need regular maintenance and servicing. Our inspectors perform a photographic inspection of your premises to compile a thorough report, including our detailed findings, an overview of the problems and solutions, and an estimate for the complete project. We can service your existing grease containment system or recommend and install a new one more suitable for your location.

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SouthWest Diversified is led by a highly-skilled and trained team of certified professionals servicing the Greater Phoenix and Greater Los Angeles areas. Please call us to schedule an inspection and evaluation of your kitchen exhaust systems and grease containment systems in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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